Cookin’ and Hookin’ Up Tips

No rules in decorating and entertaining as long as it comes from your heart with love and your guest are having a wonderful time.

Shop in your mom’s, grandma, auntie or older friends house for items they no longer use or want. Also stop by your local thrift or 99 Cent store to catch the latest inexpensive finds.

Don’t have a table cloth, use  a couple of yards of a fun cheap fabric you like. Cut the ends straight and if it’s too long or the shape is not perfect tie cute knots at the ends this will also serve as a weight to hold fabric down. 

When decorating for a party or kick back use items in your house you already have like ceramic pieces or wooden figurines for your table. You can even use pretty small colorful boxes that you collect or mirrored items as well.

If you’re out at a restaurant or public place and you see decorations that you like take a photo with your phone and do your version of the decorations according to your budget.

Purchase a book that gives you entertaining tips. It will serve as your dictionary and don’t be afraid to modify the  looks for your budget.

Once a month take $25 or less  and buy something for your linen closet. A new table cloth with matching napkins. A set of wine and martini glasses. A table runner, napkins rings. Once you have these items you won’t have to purchase them again and they can be used again and again.