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Season 1, Episode 3: “When Have You Choked?” (Part 2)

YouTube“But you used to be so good!” chime Vanessa’s friends as she recalls an embarrassing audition that went from bad to worse. Dondré Whitfield and Vanessa Williams describe what happened after they were performing on stage and forget their lines!

Lori Harris

March 27, 2014 8:05 pm

People, you all are going to have to view these webisodes of itcof. Good Conversation. I think Wendy Raquel Robinson was the most funniest this time. I can’t stop laughing at her, just standing there! I won’t give it away, but people view it for yourself. Hilarious. With that said, Salli and Vanessa Bell Calloway’s choked moments are not too far off from Wendy’s! This is certainly good entertainment.

I remember when my sisters and I used to sing, and one of my nephew’s girlfriend asked us to perform at her high school. Disaster! My oldest sister changed our routine the day before the show and instead of the rest of us telling her, “No,” we went along with it, and I just couldn’t hit the high notes that night. Normally, I could do soprano all day long, but that night, I looked into the audience and I saw a known producer sitting in the audience and I just couldn’t do it! My sister was so mad! Oh well, that taught me a lesson, I haven’t choked since that day, millions of years ago, which seems like just yesterday.

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